Common Questions That We Are Asked When Dealing With Electrical Work

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When it comes to electrical work, there are many challenges that we had to go through, especially during all the changes that were taking place because of COVID. Most companies and businesses were making changes to the way they functioned to keep up with the changing regulations. However, working as a contractor for electrical work was challenging because it couldn’t be done remotely.

However, we thought we would create a list of questions commonly asked by clients.

1. What is your background and experience doing this type of work?
Bryant Electric provides services for a wide range of electrical work. We continue to expand our services in the electrical field as technology advances. Check out our website for more details on our services.

2. What are your certifications/qualifications?
Bryant Electric is a fully certified/licensed electrical contractor in British Columbia.

3. How long have you been in business?
Bryant Electric was founded more than 60 years ago in Prince George, BC. Working through a wide range of changes, understanding our clients’ needs and adapting to technology has been keys to our success.

4. Do you have insurance?
Yes, Bryant Electric has business insurance and the ability to provide bonding for larger projects.

5. Will you meet the budget and schedule?
The goal is always to meet the budget and the schedule. However, we did have challenges to overcome through the pandemic, with the implementation of various restrictions. Some rules made travel challenging, and many projects had some delays because we were not getting our supplies in time. Material costs and supply chain issues continue to be an issue as we exit the pandemic.

6. Will you be pulling a permit?
Bryant Electric has fully licensed and certified electricians with FSR-A & FSR-B licenses. This is required to pull an electrical permit with Technical Safety BC. If you have any questions regarding this process, please give us a call.

7. How many other projects are you currently working on?
We have many projects that are in various stages of construction in Prince George, Terrace and surrounding areas. We also continue to support new and existing customers with service work requests, which vary from an hour to a few days of work.

8. How will we communicate though-out the project?
Communication is key in all phases of a project. This starts from the ground up from our electricians in the field to our project managers and management. We have systems in place for our electricians to document the project information and managers to communicate this information to the clients. 

9. Do you have a list of past clients?
We allow all our clients to add their testimonials to our website and online. We recommend that people talk to them about their experience through the process so they get a better understanding of how we work and the processes we follow.

If you need an electrician and electrical contractor in Prince George and Terrace, BC, connect with us at Bryant Electric Ltd. We work with various clients, including commercial, institutional, industrial and multi-unit residential and electrical service work. For a complete list of the services we provide, please click here. If you are looking to get in touch with us or think we can assist, please click here


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