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We are all aware of the modern demands for energy, whether driven by water, gas, electric or other modes, the world is consuming more and more energy. This needs to be controlled. For the mass production of electric energy to be effectively distributed to any sort of population, there needs to be some form of understanding of production and consumption. That’s where energy meter data recording comes in. As experts in the field, we at Bryant Electric Ltd have written down how our energy meter data recording services can help you save your money and reduce your energy wastage. 

The energy meter is an electrical measuring device that is used to record electrical energy consumed over a specified period of time in terms of units. Our energy meter data recording services can help you accurately measure and record the energy usage of the electrical system it is installed on. This means that if your BC Hydro bill is higher than normal, or you have been assessed a power factor surcharge (penalty), we can temporarily install an energy meter on your electrical distribution to get your exact energy usage.

This can be used to confirm your usage on your BC Hydro bill. Avoid overpaying when we can confirm the exact energy consumption and compare it with your BC Hydro bill. Suppose you are paying a power factor surcharge on your bill. In that case, we can install electrical equipment to improve the power factor and reduce or eliminate the surcharge. 

This can help with potential cost savings on your energy bill. Call us for more information, and once an appointment is set, we will come to the site to install the equipment and see what can be improved with the building’s electrical systems. We will look at the building and see if there are options to reduce energy consumption. Some examples of reducing energy usage would be LED lighting, lighting controls. Capacitor banks can also improve the power factor of a building and reduce or eliminate the surcharge. 

If you are looking for an electrician in Prince George and Terrace, BC, then reach out to us at Bryant Electric Ltd. After working for numerous electrical contractors in Prince George over the years, Glen decided to branch out on his own and in 1960, he started Bryant Electric Ltd, working in both residential and smaller commercial projects. Under his guidance, we developed new strategies, grew the company to new heights, and expanded our services and service area, specializing in commercial, institutional, and multi-unit residential electrical work. After opening our Terrace branch, we have become the number one electrical contracting company for both large and small projects serving Prince George, Terrace, and surrounding areas.

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