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At Bryant Electric Ltd., we are a third-generation licensed and bonded electrical contracting firm. Our vast experience enables us to find solutions that suit our clients’ requirements for a wide variety of electrical problems.

Our specialty systems include fire alarms, data communications, fiber optics, security systems, sound systems, emergency lighting, lighting controls, and metering. Read on to learn more about the technology and controls we install.

Our services:

1. LED Lighting Retrofit
We can come in and do a complete analysis of the lighting system and provide options to upgrade to a LED system and controls.

2. HVAC Controls
Commercial HVAC controls are expanding rapidly in our industry. We can render a fully automated control system for your commercial building.

3. Electrical Service
Our certified electricians provide service work for many businesses in our area. From national accounts with the big box stores to a minor fix at a local business, we provide quality work to keep enterprises safe and operational.

4. Design Builds
We can put together a complete design package with a construction team for small to large-scale commercial projects. We team up with engineers, architects, and contractors to design an entire electrical system for buildings from start to finish.

Things to consider:

Understand your budget: We strive to ensure that we can quote and complete a project according to the budget, but it’s essential to figure out how much you can realistically afford to spend.

Flexible project timelines: Due to the current COVID-19 conditions, materials may take longer to arrive, which can hold up schedules. However, we work seamlessly to ensure jobs be finished as quickly as possible.

Keep the faith: While there may be many setbacks along the way and hurdles to overcome, you can trust that we will find a solution to the problem.

For more details about our electrical services, reach out to Bryant Electric Ltd. Our company was formed in 1960, and over the past six decades, we have built up a loyal client base by rendering quality services consistently.

Our electrical services include fiber optic installations, fire alarm installations, emergency lighting installations, lighting retrofits, preventative electrical maintenance, and HVAC equipment installations. We offer our electrical services to a large region in Northern British Columbia from our offices in Prince George and Terrace. We’ve also secured multiple national accounts, which have taken us far and wide.

To learn more about the electrical solutions we offer, please click, or get in touch with us by clicking here.


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